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Entry #1


2010-01-11 18:03:41 by Raethen

Five branches; I'm only allowed to climb five branches. I stared above me into the sun's glaring eye; as the breeze softly cuddled the trees fingers, and the leaves trembled in a cacophony of sound. Shadows skirted across my face. My eyes fell to the moss stretched below me, kneeling as if in reverent praise. I once again led my eyes upward, the canopy loomed above me. I am a king, but perhaps if I were to climb higher; I would shed my skin and become an object much greater. I would climb the sky and become a god! The world seemed spewed out before me; I knew it belonged that way. My hands clutched violently to the rough body towering above me; hungrily I grasped at arms who, so blatantly, chose to stand out. The solid tangible reality swarmed through my nostrils. The rubber soles of my shoes cemented themselves to the sinew branch in which I stood. I have reached the top. The sun's shining globe reached out to me; pleading. Gently my hands caressed its envy; gingerly the world bloomed in my eyes. This was my home; where I would live and die. A chorus resounded about me, sending me into rapture too blissful to describe. I reined above all creatures; all life was mine to watch, and analyze. The song lifted me into the viscous clouds, and out to absent space. The rules of euphoria are limited, and strict. For as soon as I found my ecstasy, it was lost. A scream sliced through my mind, causing my legs to buckle beneath me. For once I looked down, noticing exactly how far I had climbed. The earth rushed to embrace me, crushing me with its breaking reality. I was only allowed to climb five branches high. I lay on the ground, broken by severe causality. A voice falters in the dark, I am mortal.


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2010-01-11 18:09:01

yep ive been trying to grasp that sixth branch forever but that branch is for only a elite few being beyonds will desires,dreams,and fears for those will always weigh us down and prevent us from reaching and of those who do sit on the sixth branch they do not care they are unfeeling and they only wonder why we try so hard to reach form where they sit they see a world below they could never set foot apon

Raethen responds:

As far as I have been able to tell, there is no one on that six branch, at least none that I can see.